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Attaching images / files

Post by scott »

Hi all, a couple of people have struggled to see how to attach files to a post, so here is a quick guide:

Below the text box of the post there are 3 tabs for Options, Attachments, Poll creation. Click on the Attachments tab, then the Add files button below:
This brings up a window to browse for your files to upload. Once you have uploaded the files, you can leave it as that, or for image thumbnails in with the text (such as in this post), you can place them inline with the message with the Place inline button:
To help the forum, please I'd like to ask people to not go crazy with file sizes, unless it's a scan of an original in-service photograph, AP / manual etc... Adding an image to help get a message across is brilliant, as a picture can tell a thousand words, but please consider if it really needs to be 8mb, when 500kb would still get the message across. One day the forum hard drive in my server will fill up, efficient file sizing will help.

There are many options for this on resizing images, some are covered here for Windows users: ... n-windows/

I use the GIMP for all my photo editing needs, but it has a little learning curve:

Happy posting!
Cheers, Scott.
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Re: Attaching images / files

Post by will45 »

Thanks Scott. A quick and easy one I use is Paint. Drag & drop the file into Paint, click on 'Resize', select percentage value and under 'File' click 'Save'. It can be set to pixels, but I find the default setting of percentage is better.

Cheers, Willie.
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