Recent Downtime

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Recent Downtime

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Sorry if you have found it the website offline on occasion this last week or two, ithas been a bit flaky. Had a couple of emails and texts from people to let me know when it's found to be offline - thanks for that, it helps!

Turns out there has been an issue in the local BT network that my ISP is trying to resolve, things should be a bit more stable now. We had some local power outages about 3 weeks ago, and since then the internet connection has had issues. Not ideal when working from home too!

After the power outages, I also resurrected an industrial UPS (by buying it a set of new batteries) to run the server on, and soon will get my router on a UPS supply too to be able to ride out short power cuts, as long as the internet connection is not affected by the cut.

One bit of good news, my ISP has set me up with a fixed public IP address, when this has changed in the past on a regular basis it has caused a period of downtime for the site. So in all, a couple fewer things to go wrong.

Cheers, Scott.
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