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Re: Welcome all

Post by S-3VikingSENSO »

Ding, Ding...Spanky, Arrived!

Made it in one piece a few days ago. I made a few posta into the Acquisitions. Only acquired three complete helmets this years.

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Re: Welcome all

Post by scott »

Hi Spanky, nice to see you here!
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Re: Welcome all

Post by fbebel »

Hi all,

Franck join you!
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Re: Welcome all

Post by will45 »

It looks like the flyingclothing group has finally expired. Tried a test email to the group and it bounced back. At least all the emails and attachments from the group stored on an individual yahoo mail account are still accessible.

Hopefully this forum might pick up a few members now the group is closed. Teams is very quiet as well, but it's only early days. Here's looking to the future.

Cheers, Willie.
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