Upcycled server to PC

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Upcycled server to PC

Post by scott »

Here's one I made earlier...

An old DELL 19" rack mounted server, converted to become a pretty formidable gaming PC:

See: www.scottbouch.com/upcycle-server-to-pc.htm

It has now sadly died, but gave a good few years service first as my home server, then latterly as this PC.

As a PC it was used for Flightgear on Linux Majaro OS, and was also awesome for video editing etc.. 8 processor cores, and stacks of RAM.

It's only downside was lack of PCI / PCIE slots as servers generally don't need to take that many cards, this combined with no onboard sound meant a single PCIE graphics card, and a USB sound card. But as it was heading to the scrap pile, I can't complain as it became a decent PC for almost zero cost!

Cheers, Scott.
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