Table Displays: Hunter Port Console

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Table Displays: Hunter Port Console

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Having acquired a basic Hunter front port console a few years ago I decided to fit it out or replace any spoilt items, after which I bought some ply off-cuts from my local timberyard for a base. I usually use between 12-18mm depending on the weight/length of the display and after cutting to size it was down to some wood battening on the inside so that I could use the original 5 screw holes at the base. Standard Wickes/B&Q pine does the job and after painting the wood and drying I marked and drilled the holes, screwing into the battening to hold the console in position. I placed a rubber half-inch tap-washer over each hole to protect the metal and with a metal washer on top. Domed or 'Mushroom' head wood screws were used.

I also had to fashion a suitable wood support for the T-Box before painting and final assembly. I couldn't get it into the exact position in relation to the console as in the real aircraft as it would have made for too wide an exhibit and for carrying around, but when the woodwork was finished it was painted in a medium satin grey that I bought in the reduced paint section at B&Q.

After final assembly I made a loose bracket packed out with bubble wrap to hold the triple pressure guage in position as the guage hole has no screw holes - they come off a bracket on the inner cockpit wall and I wasn't going to drill the console! It looks good anyway and formed part of a major Hawker display I did in 2015 at NAM as a tribute to the late Steve Hague - wish he could have been there to see it. The 'garden' shot is to show how things look when you have the reality of no shed to work in and its all down to bending, stretching and garden mats to save the knee joints as much as possible! 5 house bricks are indispensable and help keep wood reasonably level with whatever garden step is needed for cutting besides other uses.

(I numbered the images in order but as you call them up they appear in reverse order - no idea what's up there).
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