2022 Most Wanted list!

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2022 Most Wanted list!

Post by deanw »

So 2021 is almost over. Looking over my acquisitions this past year, I managed to acquire one item on my Most Wanted: A Mk2A helmet in good condition. :P

So for 2022, I'm hoping to acquire:
  • Lafe jet helmet, a red one as used by 2 Squadron (SAAF) pilots flying the Atlas Cheetah C.
  • Black ankle length pilot boots
So, what is on your Most Wanted list?

Happy Festive Season all and have a safe 2022 with great collection additions!
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Re: 2022 Most Wanted list!

Post by scott »

I think 5 minutes peace, no more lockdowns or home-schooling the kids!

But, I would love to find an Aertex Type E helmet. Also a Taylor Type E, but I'd need a lottery win first... And Lightning cockpit parts for my sim project.

Cheers, Scott
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Re: 2022 Most Wanted list!

Post by will45 »

A most wanted list. Where do you start? No one item, more like multiple items to fill the gaps. Bearing in mind, if we found every item we looked for, then we'd have nothing to do and would soon become bored just looking at it all. It's the the thrill of the hunt that keeps you going, whether it be the hunt for items or just finally cracking that research question.

The reason gaps exist in the collection is because they are very hard to find, so I guess they are all holy grails to varying degrees. Mine are all Soviet/Russian.

Suits: The first G suit, PPK-1, and the first partial pressure suit, VKK-1.
Helmets: ShLO-50 early mesh top leather helmet. ZSh-5S and ZSh-5B armoured combat helmet. ZSh-7AN, ZSh-7APN, ZSh-7B, ZSh-7AS,
ZSh-7APS. ZSh-2.
O2 masks: KM-14, KM-18, KM-18N, KM-24, KM-24N, KM-30 (not 30M).

I haven't included items that are most likely unobtainable. I know where two of the helmets on the list are. It's just a matter of trying to justify the huge cost of buying them.
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Re: 2022 Most Wanted list!

Post by SIWA »

Hello !

... a nice ML 12 Mk.3....

Happy hunting! ;)

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