Garters - but for which seat or aircraft type?

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Garters - but for which seat or aircraft type?

Post by Bluelight14 »

Can anyone name the seat or aircraft type from the 22C-number on this garter?
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Re: Garters - but for which seat or aircraft type?

Post by scott »

Hi Blue,

In all my years of research,leg restraints are one of the few items that I have struggled with.

There are one or two cases where two sets are worn, lower, and upper with long strap, I think Phantom?

But as for the rest, there are different flavors but I get the feeling they may have been some interchangeability.

- I have a set with a metal loop welded to a plate thats stitched in. These use a quick release fitting for quick donning.
- Seen other sets with a triangular shaped loop sewn into the strap, but with no plate.
- Third type like yours uses the quick release fitting for a removable loop. I think this may be for aircraft without a PEC as the blue seat leg restraint straps can be left engaged in the seat pan. Aircraft with PEC 's, the seat leg restraint straps disconnect when the PEC man portion is removed.

it may also depend on weather Anti-G trousers are worn or not.

The AP for the Mk2/2A and 4/4A flying suits show how the garters can be left in the suit, but this requires a quick release fitting. this would only be suitable for internally worn Anti-G trousers too.

To conclude my thoughts, there are a few factors which may dictate the choice:
- Does the aircraft have a PEC?
- Internal / External Anti G Trousers? Or no G Trousers?
- Left in flying suit or not?

Cheers, Scott
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