PTR-175 and ARC-52 Radio
Demonstrator and Test Rig

This project's aim is to bring to life radio sets used by many RAF aircraft during the cold war.

Purpose 1 - Demonstrator

To show someone an aircraft preserved in a museum is one thing, but to show them the inner workings of it alive and functioning is another!

Demonstrating these radio sets at special events like CockpitFest, gives people the experience of seeing how aircraft technology works, and also inspires the younger generation to think about STEM.

The system will give an audio experience as accurate as possible; from the radio components, through to a flying helmet or headset the same as used in these aircraft.

Purpose 2 - Test Rig

Helping aircraft preservation groups dianose faults with their radio components sometimes needs a bench test-set, as fault diagnosis and repair inside an incaccessible aircraft, in the cold wind and rain of an aifrield is far from ideal. This test rig will allow for bench testing of system components, so fault-finding efforts can be focussed onto the right areas of the aircraft, after proving the parts are serviceable or not. These radios are usually very reliable, and most of the time the issue / problem is related to a faulty component or wiring of the aircraft, or just finger trouble, but it's reassuring to be able to prove the units are working on the bench.

This rig is intended to stay simple for testing radio units, interconnecting boxes and cockpit control units, but have a few additional capabilities, such as facility to test muting units, aircraft ejection seat PECs (Personal Equipment Connectors), as well as headsets and flying helmets.

Gathering The Parts 

It's not easy to find these vintage aircraft parts, but I have been very lucky as some kind people have made some very nice donations to the project so far (see thank-you's below).


I've received some very kind help from people who have found my projects by stumbling across this website and made donations, so to acknowledge their kindness, many thanks go to: